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    TOKO offers low prices for superior quality tea by eliminating the extra costs associated with wholesalers and distributors. We have very high quality control standards to ensure that our customers consistently receive a fresh and high quality product. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

"Drinking Tea every day can keep
the doctor at bay"

    We all know there is something magical about sitting down with a cup of tea, that relaxes the tension, rejuvenates, eases the mind and gives even a few minutes of escape.

    Did you know that tea is beneficial to your health and can prevent certain cancers?! Green tea has the highest amount of ANTIOXIDANTS, and helps protect against lung, stomach, and breast cancers.

Dragon Pearl


Earl Grey Green


Ginseng Green

Green Pekoe

Jade Oolong

Lemon grass



Pi Lo Chun

Ti Kuan Yin

    There is nothing better than enjoying fresh tea in the perfect teapot - the 'Purple Clay Teapot' made in Yixing, Jiangsu Province of China. These teapots are treasures to all tea drinkers. There are thousands of small holes in these clay teapots, and good quality tea is brewed with the best possible taste and without any extraneous odor. Tea drinkers also prefer to use small sized teapots so they can easily control the brewing time and the ratio of tea leaves to water.

    The unique characteristics and exquisite style have made the 'Yixing Purple Clay Teapots' collectible items. Pots from master teapot makers are regarded as art treasures. In auction, masterpieces are often worth a fortune.

    We offer some the elegent 'Purple Clay Teapots' at a reasonable price! We also carry some exceptional tea in our tea menu.

Let's step into the wonderful world of Fresh Green Tea and stay healthy!

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