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Food Export

    TOKO FOODS, which is known for its high-quality noodle and flour products, has established itself well as an exporter to Canada and America.

    The value of TOKO FOODS exports have more than doubled since 1990 and it is still growing. We are proud to bring these high-quality noodle and flour products to China.

´╗┐Japanese Noodles and Wrappers

Ramen (regular flour)
A thin yellow noodle that is served in soup or stir fry. This Japanese noodle is considered to be the best in town.
A noodle that is popular in Japan. It is thick white noodle that is served in soup or stir fry.
Japanese Gyoza Wrappers
A large round white wrapper used for Japanese style meat and vegetable dumplings.

Chinese Noodles and Wrappers

Wonton Noodles
A Chinese noodle that is very popular in Southern China and is usually served with wonton dumplings. This yellow noodle is produced in two types: a tin noodle and a flat wide noodle.
Shanghai Stir Fry Noodles
A thick round noodle that comes in both yellow and white color. This noodle is usually used in stir fry.
Shanghai Fresh Noodles
A white flat wide noodle that is very popular in Taiwan. This noodle is usually served in soup.
Steamed Chow Mein (Hong Kong style and US style)
A Chinese noodle that is most popular in the Southern Provinces of China. This yellow noodle is produced in two types: a thin angel hair noodle and a flat noodle.
Szechuan Tan Tan Noodles
Taiwanese Style Fresh Noodles
Malaysian Noodles
Canton White Wrappers
White Wrappers
Sui Mai Wrappers
Yellow Wrappers
Kum Low Wonton Wrapper


Canadian Wheat Flour

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